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Brooksee, LLC is an event company dedicated to elevating the race experience for endurance athletes. We are endurance athletes ourselves and make it our mission to put on outstanding events.

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It's Fast!

Quotes from our runners

  • “PR'd by 18 min and surprised my husband at the finish (he didn't expect me for another 20 min)”
    —Mary Steinmann
  • “I ran the full marathon. I PR'd by 21 minutes and qualified for Boston for the 1st time!! Well worth the trip from Georgia!”
    —Matthew Amick
  • “PR'd in the full by 10 mins!”
    —Josh Gwynn
  • “This was my second marathon and I PRed by 23 minutes! And qualified for Boston”
    —Adriana Vars
  • “This was my third marathon this month and I got a PR by 4 minutes! Whoo Hoo!”
    —Angie Whitworth Pace
  • “This was my 3rd Marathon and I finished in 3:47:27 which is 37 minutes faster than my previous PR.”
    —Jonathan Michael Hall
  • “PR'd full by 3, but missed BQ by 5.”
    —Mark Skillman
  • “PR'd in the Half by 10 mins, my husband Eric Carlson PR'd in the full by 30minutes!!!”
    —Amy Bissonnette Carlson
  • “My wife pr'd in the Marathon by 8 minutes and qualified from Boston with a time of 3:28! Best race ever!”
    —Mark Evers
  • “PR'd in the full by 35 minutes!”
    —Michelle Neff
  • “First half and did it in less time than my 12mile train. 2:10 woot woot!!!”
    —Lauren Arnold
  • “I PR'd! Half marathon and by a butt-load.”
    —Megan McLachlan Hunter
  • “PR'd the half by nearly 10 min. 1:37.”
    —Dave Welder
  • “This was my first 1/2. Met my goal to be under 2hrs. Finished in 1hr 57min. Great race.”
    —Carlos Setterberg
  • “Beat my best time by close to 17 minutes! Also, finished under two hours. Such a great course...”
    —Max Aeschbacher
  • “I got my PR in the the half yesterday. Beat my previous best time by more than 6 min. :)”
    —Jason Forsgren
  • “This was the BEST RACE EVER!! I loved every single thing about it!! :) it was my 6th half and I still managed to PR by 23 minutes!! :) thank you,”
    —Melissa Brown
  • “It was my first 1/2, but I finished 17 minutes faster than any of my training times.”
    —James Ritchey
  • “PR'd in the Half marathon by about 3 minutes! Best race ever!”
    —Alicia M Clouse
  • “I ran the half and I PR'd by 33 minutes!!!! I kicked butt! Thanks for an amazing race.”
    —Whitney Stallings Roberts
  • “I PR'd in the full by 10 minutes!”
    —Emily Kay Stoddard
  • “Half Marathon PR by 15 minutes. My goal was to come in under 2 hours. Finished at 1:47:42. Fast course!”
    —Dick Hekker
  • “I ran the half and PR'ed by over 3 minutes and 7 minutes faster than a half I ran earlier this year.”
    —Gary Schofield
  • “Beat my old PR by 9 minutes!”
    —Kimberly Ann Richards
  • “Qualified for Boston at a 3:32:47 and my last marathon I got a 3:44.”
    —Mary Ray Lauck
  • “PR'd in the full by 6 1/2 minutes!”
    —Melissa Soper
  • “Pr'd by over 20 minutes! This was a great race, the scenery was so beautiful.”
    —Debby Nohelty
  • “PRed by 11 minutes. Loved everything about the race.”
    —Isela Phelps
  • “PR'd in the Half by 9 minutes.”
    —Sheena Tucholski Ballard
  • “PR'd in the Half by 9 minutes! My first sub two hour. Loved this race so much!!”
    —Kerry Howard Kramer
  • “I ran the Half and PR'd by 6 min. Thanks for a great course!”
    —Violet Tellez
  • “PR'd in the full by 3 minutes and qualified for Boston. Thank you for a great race.”
    —Kelli Mascher Davey
  • “Ran the full, qualified for Boston and PRed by 27 minutes! So worth the trip to Utah! The best part was the beautiful canyon. Amazing.”
    —Linda Scollick Manion
  • “I PR'd on the marathon by 18 minutes. Qualified for Boston Marathon too. Beautiful course. :-)”
    —Ken Bluemel
  • “My wife beat my personal best (PB) time by 2 mins. Luckily we crossed the line together so now we both have new PBs of the same time. She even came in 2nd place in her age group!”
    —Royce Veater
  • “This was my second marathon - PR'd by 24 minutes - woo hoo! Gonna beat that next year!!”
    —Mimi Jackson
  • “PR'd in the Half by 7 min and 4 sec!”
    —Autumn Jeppson
  • “Came all the way from California to run in the half! It was beautiful and pr'd the half by 23 min! Awesome race !!”
    —Amy Payne
  • “PR'd in the Half by 21 minutes!”
    —Sarah M. McConkie
  • “PR'd by 11 min. Oh yeah!!!”
    —Kami Herbert Sondrup
  • “I shaved off 11 min my PR.”
    —Amy Lutz Coltrin
  • “PR'd in the 1/2 by 23 minutes baby!!:)”
    —Chantele Nordberg Pehrson
  • “PR by 5 mins. 1:52 down to 1:47. Great course!”
    —Daynia Pack
  • “This was my second HALF, 1:33...beat the last by 14 minutes. That S curve alone shaved 3 minutes off my time. :)”
    —David Decker


Big Cottonwood is home to two of the best ski resorts in the world, Brighton and Solitude. Located just under 30 miles from downtown Salt Lake City, these resorts are among the most accessible ski resorts in the world. Founded in 1936, Brighton Ski Resort was the first ski resort in Utah and one of the first in the United States. Solitude was first developed in 1956 by a mining tycoon after being denied access to the restrooms at Alta, which were reserved for invited guests only.

It's Beautiful!

Quotes from our runners

  • “It was the perfect scenery for the perfect race!”
    —Angie Whitworth Pace
  • “It was amazing! For sure coming back next year.”
    —Heather Wilhelm Carter
  • “It was gorgeous!!!”
    —Andrea Pringle Jones
  • “Best runner's high ever!”
    —Danina Thatcher
  • “It is like you are in a whole different world. So peaceful and pretty. We are so lucky to have these canyons right out our door!”
    —Zoe Dyksman
  • “Couldn't have a more beautiful setting for a run!”
    —Steven A. Ohlsen
  • “So beautiful!!”
    —Terry Greenfield Bahena
  • “What a great race and beautiful day! Can't wait till next year!”
    —Laurie Summerhays
  • “It was beautiful! I'll have to train more downhills for next year, though. :) But boy, was it a beautiful run!”
    —Elizabeth Willey
  • “This was my first half marathon and I honestly got so lost in how beautiful the scenery was that I didn't notice my music stopped playing until I had already finished! Haha”
    —Rachel O'Driscoll
  • “So amazing!!!! Loved the course!!!”
    —Jason N Brandi Morf
  • “We kept saying 'Ooh look there, oh look at that' through the whole canyon. Gorgeous.”
    —Michelle Neff
  • “I loved this race!!! it was so pretty and fast! I will definitely do it again!”
    —Ana Maria
  • “The colors were amazing...I love Utah! Thanks for a great race.”
    —Lani Johnson Marquez
  • “It was so breathtakingly beautiful!! I can't wait to run it again next year!! Loved it!! :)”
    —Jann Hadfield Curtis
  • “I love running in the canyons! I feel like I can get away from the craziness of life, and have some peace and quiet! :-)”
    —Leslie Smart Hayden
  • “The true color run!”
    —Martin Cohen
  • “Absolutely incredible!!!!”
    —Susette Fisher
  • “Had to drive back up there on Sunday afternoon just to prove to myself that it really was that beautiful.”
    —Rob Bruendl
  • “My favorite runs are running down the canyon and enjoying the breath taking scenery.”
    —Kay Williams Garlick
  • “Big Cottonwood Canyon is my chapel! When I run in there, I found all my answers and my spirituality!”
    —Sandra Chamale Yingst
  • “It was a beautiful run for my first half marathon. :)”
    —Miranda Ann Redhouse
  • “So beautiful!! What a great race!”
    —Janie Jolley Newman
  • “Run, run as fast as you can you can't catch me I'm the canyon run man.”
    —Kevin Gowers
  • “I love Utah canyons... because you always have a tailwind running down them in the morning.”
    —Maureen Sletten
  • “Absolutely AMAZING!! Loved the course!”
    —LaRane Jensen Kasteler
  • “I loved it! It was beautiful. Looking forward to next year already!”
    —Gary Schofield
  • “It really does not get better than that. Running nirvana!”
    —Kristen Brinkman Olsen
  • “It was breathtakingly beautiful! I loved how fellow runners would stop to take pics along the way.”
    —Michelle Dickens Bocchino
  • “I loved it! So pretty and a really fun course.”
    —Andrea Vickers
  • “What a fun race. And you couldn't ask for prettier scenery.”
    —Lisa Turner Steed