Withdraw and Transfer Deadline

The Withdraw/Transfer Deadline is Sept. 3, 2014. This is necessary for us to finalize all the details of the event.

Withdraw and Transfer Policy

We are endurance athletes ourselves and understand that even the best laid plans sometimes need to be changed. In order to accommodate those situations, we have instituted a fair policy to let you withdraw or transfer your entry.


Fee: $5.00.

When transferring your event entry to another person, you will have to pay a $5.00 transfer fee. If you are selling your entry to another person, you are responsible to collect the funds from that person.

To transfer between events, the first requirement is that the event you would like to transfer to is not sold out. If that is the case, fill out the form below. Depending on the current cost difference between the events you transferring between, you will either be required to pay or you will be refunded the current cost difference. In addition, you will pay a $5.00 transfer fee. If necessary, you can transfer between events and to another person at the same time.

Transfer Form


Fee: $10.00.

When you withdraw from the race, you will be refunded your entry costs minus the $10.00 fee. Start the withdraw process by providing the confirmation code emailed to you when you signed up.

Withdraw Form